Humanitarian Efforts

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For a team that truly cares about providing the highest quality, compassionate dental services to each and every patient, choose Beyond Smiles. Not only is Dr. Beckermeyer dedicated to helping those in Niles, MI and the surrounding communities achieve their healthiest smiles, but he also dedicates his time to national and international humanitarian efforts. He works with Pathways to Health, a non-profit organization, to set up free dental care clinics to those in need in America, and he participates with Mission of Mercy, Michigan (the humanitarian foundation of the Michigan Dental Association) that helps those within Michigan. Dr. Beckermeyer has also partnered with other organizations: Your Best Pathway to health, FreeDom Clinic USA, Share Him, Adventist Frontier Missions, It Is Written-Canada, and Global Village Ministries.

Providing Dental Care Around the World

Global Village Ministries

Dr. Beckermeyer works in Kenya with Global Village Ministries to provide dental care. Outside of Kenya’s urban areas, dental hygiene is not readily available. In fact, according to former District Governor Geeta Manek, in Kenyan culture “It’s OK if your teeth fall out or if your teeth are broken. They think people are not going to die from it.” Dr. Beckermeyer has gone to Kenya every year since 2008.

United Hands, Inc.

By working with United Hands, Inc., a non-profit organization established in 1995, Dr. Beckermeyer helps provide high-quality, free dental services to countries around the world. He has traveled to places like Honduras, offering dental care to those who don’t have access to it. United Hands, Inc. soon realized that these services were also needed in the United States, so they formed the FreeD.O.M. Clinic USA, offering dental, optical and medical assistance to uninsured, indigent Americans and those who have been affected by natural disasters.

Compassionate Dental Care

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Together with Global Village Ministries and United Hands, Inc., Dr. Beckermeyer provides care to those in other countries. From dental cleanings to general and cosmetic services, Dr. Beckermeyer has the skills needed to provide a wide range of relief dental treatments.

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